Finally, trying this out.

As I completed my tasks for the day I thought why don’t I start a blog. A blog has always been on my mind from time to time, but never officially began to even research the how to, where to begin and the what ifs. One of the first articles I came across informed me that a blogger should write about one specific topic, adventure, a vacation or a passion. I personally believe that my blogging adventure will be all over the place, more like a day-to-day journal, the life lesson’s I might endure each and every day. Well, here I am about to share the world the thoughts I  hold dear to my heart, thoughts that have changed my life. I find myself jotting thoughts down on my iPhone the moment they cross my mind. I am not an english professor, I hate punctuation, and always have a friend proof read all writings over four sentences long! I will now fear the publish button at home, while at work I fear the send button in my outlook. Fear shall not hold anyone back and one day that fear will be in the past. None of the blogs that I will write will be edited by anyone, typing that out just scares me half to death. However, I will of course be selecting the spell check and triple reviewing what I write. This blog will help me keep my thoughts down and be able to share with my family and friends down the road. The first blog “Official” never made it, one of my trial and errors. I about quit right there, but remembered a quote by Thomas H. Palmer, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”. I gave it another round and the wi-fi connection is working, ready to hit the publish button!


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